Director Wes Palmer (The Boswell Incident, You Are Here) and producer Jim DanDee (Auspicious Phoenix Productions, The Space Studio) are seeking headshots and resumes for an upcoming short film, Strike, shooting January 27-28, 2018 in the greater Boston area.


Billy practices for a baseball tournament with his strict coach/father, with whom he has a troubled relationship. Billy fights for his father’s approval, while his father realizes his son may be better than he ever was, and doesn’t take it well.


BILLY (Male, 18, athletic, must have a good swing and batting stance)
Beginning to seek independence as he prepares to graduate high school. Whenever he succeeds in baseball, he catches a glimpse of approval from his father. They practice for hours after the batting cage closes.

SENIOR (Male, 50’s, must be able to throw a decent pitch.)
Past his prime, proud, angry at the world. Made it up to the minor leagues back in the day, but never progressed further. He works as staff at a local batting cage. He’s tough on Billy and wants him to succeed, but has a hard time accepting his son being a better hitter than he was.

DOCTOR (Male, 40’s)
Observant, notices some flaws in Billy’s story. Wants to support Billy and find the truth, but also wants to respect his wishes.

JANITOR (Male, 60-70)
Non-speaking. Senior’s curious co-worker.


Send headshots and resumes or questions to: strikeshortfilm@gmail.com

JANUARY 20-21: Callbacks held in Somerville area
JANUARY 22-26: Rehearsal period
JANUARY 27-28: Production dates