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Desert Dreaming

CLIENT: Malabella Jewels

Director: Oleg Bolotov

Creating a “living lookbook,” and capturing the spiritual essence and beauty of the Mala beads and jewels in motion was the focus behind this lifestyle video. Shot on location in Joshua Tree National Park, CA.



The Levantine Ceramics Project – About



Showcasing the functionality and usefulness of the Levantine Ceramics Project’s public online catalog as an indispensable tool for scholarly research and collaboration on information relating to pottery and ceramics produced in the Levant was the primary focus of this video. The other goal for this video was to illustrate the long history and beauty of pottery, along with the LCP’s efforts to make it all searchable.



Welcome to MIT Sloan School of Management


DIRECTOR: Joseph Dwyer

Taking this video across the finish line was the name of the game — new footage needed to be shot and edited in with existing institutional footage to create a dynamic, exciting, and informational video welcoming new students to MIT Sloan.



NatIONAL Science Foundation PoLS Program

CLIENT: National Science Foundation POLS Program

Director: Joseph Dwyer

Weaving together on-camera interviews to explain the importance and need for for the Physics of Living Systems (PoLS) Program — an international network of scientists applying physical principles to study the functional behavior of biological systems — was the focus of this project. Interviews and B-roll were gathered during the annual International PoLS Conference at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.



AMP TV Studio Workshop (Behind the Scenes)

CLIENT: Boston University Academy of Media Production

Director: Joseph Dwyer, Jim DanDee

Rather than a quick sizzle reel with VO, we wanted to go in-depth and follow the students personal journeys as they built their largest project of the summer session from scratch — a full-fledged studio production with a live recording artist — in less than a week.