When a young filmmaker discovers that a Martian is living inside of his brain, he sets down a radioactive path of denial and revenge, projected across the sky for the whole city to see...



Release: 2017

Directed by: Paul Villanova
Starring: Harry Aspinwall, Anna Rizzo
Cinematography by: Jim DanDee
Produced by: Jim DanDee

A young filmmaker (Harry Aspinwall) is obsessed with the idea of projecting his film across the sky of the city he lives in. Unbeknownst to him, the creative choices he is making in his film are being driven by a tiny Martian that lives inside of his brain. When the filmmaker encounters a woman (Anna Rizzo) driven to destroy Martians, it sets off a radioactive, brain-exploding, chain of events that project for the whole city to see...

Format: HD Digital


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