Two kids dream of becoming astronauts and flying in space, but face setbacks and reality as adults.



GRAND REMI WINNER // BEST STUDENT FILM – 48th Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival
FINALIST – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 41st Student Academy Awards
OFFICIAL SELECTION – FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival 2014
OFFICIAL SELECTION – 45th Montreal World Film Festival

Directed by: Joseph Dwyer
Starring: Vasilios Asimakos, Kate Jurdi, Adam Mayerson
Cinematography by: Oleg Bolotov
Produced by: Jim DanDee
Format: HD Digital
Release: 2014

DREAMERS is a short sci-fi film about two kids — Ron and Eileen — who dream of becoming astronauts and flying in space, but encounter setbacks and reality as adults. Ron (Vasilios Asimakos) finds work as a scientist for NASA designing revolutionary new spacecraft, while Eileen (Kate Jurdi) trains as a pilot for an upcoming mission. However, a tragic crash after launch puts Eileen in the hospital and lands Ron in a boring cubicle job, with their childhood aspirations now in danger of being shelved for good. 

Told entirely through expressive visuals and music, the film emphasizes the importance of pursuing one's true passion, regardless of how long it takes or how difficult it is to attain.

Poster design by Eric Doctor

Poster design by Eric Doctor (Kickstarter-exclusive screen printed variant)


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