Auspicious Phoenix Productions Announces US Film Tour


Auspicious Phoenix Productions is experimenting with an unconventional exhibition format that hearkens back to the storied roadshow engagements of the 1970s. (Auspicious Phoenix Productions)


First-of-its-kind national traveling film exhibition will screen new shorts in late August 2017.

BOSTON — Auspicious Phoenix Productions LLC, an independent studio production and photography company that specializes in film, announced today it will screen its 2017 slate of short films on a continent-spanning US theatrical roadshow from August 20 to September 10, 2017.

A throwback to the days of the traveling roadshow, the Rolling Revue gives new life to the time-honored event, paying homage to all the glory of the roadshow — audiences can expect 16mm movie projections, slide photo carousels, and practical effects movie magic brought right to their doorstep. The old and the new collide to present a truly one of a kind event, featuring movies never to be released or distributed again.


The tour lineup represents a collection of diverse narratives and visions from a talented group of filmmakers — all of whom are alumni of Boston University’s Cinema & Media Production graduate or undergraduate programs:

QUIETUS (dir. Joy Song)
LADIA (dir. Álvaro Congosto)
BLOOD HIGHWAY (dir. Joseph Dwyer)
CRANIAC! (dir. Paul Villanova)
THE LITERAL LENS (dir. Jim DanDee)

Tour dates and venues are as follows:

August 20 – New York City, NY – The Living Gallery
August 24 – Houston, TX – Apama Mackey Gallery
August 27 – Los Angeles, CA – 5 Points Studio
August 31 – Denver, CO – ReCreative Denver
September 2 – Kinderhook, NY – Kinderhook Memorial Library
September 10 – Boston, MA – The Space Studio

Click on the dates above to purchase tickets for that event.

Information on the full lineup of films and directors, tickets, specific times and venues in each city, as well as an e-list signup for the company newsletter and behind-the-scenes information, are available on the company website at

(Joseph Dwyer, Oleg Bolotov/Auspicious Phoenix Productions)

Oleg Bolotov, Jim DanDee, and Joseph Dwyer are the owners and managing members of Auspicious Phoenix Productions LLC — a Boston and LA-based independent studio production and photography company specializing in film that they established in 2015. In 2016 they self-funded and produced four original short films (QUIETUS, LADIA, BLOOD HIGHWAY, and THE LITERAL LENS) with a fifth, CRANIAC!, filmed in early 2017. Pre-production for two features, one tentatively based around BLOOD HIGHWAY, is underway for a 2018 start.

Joseph Dwyer
Chief of Operations - Boston Office
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