The 2017 Auspicious Phoenix Productions Rolling Revue

An unprecedented coast-to-coast roadshow exhibition of the finest audiovisual works from Auspicious Phoenix Productions.

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August 20: New York City, NY | The Living Gallery
August 24: Houston, TX | Apama Mackey Gallery
August 27: Los Angeles, CA | 5 Points Studio
August 31: Denver, CO | ReCreative Denver
September 2: Kinderhook, NY | Kinderhook Memorial Library
September 10: Boston, MA | The Space Studio

An unprecedented coast-to-coast tour that hearkens back to the storied roadshow engagements of the early 1970s, the 2017 Rolling Revue showcases five groundbreaking short subjects and rare concept pieces handcrafted by the award-winning filmmakers of Auspicious Phoenix Productions.

For one night only, old and new — analog and digital — will collide to present a truly singular event, featuring stories that will never be released or distributed again.