What hideous terrors lurk in the idyllic, sprawling suburbs of modern America?



Directed by: Joseph Dwyer
Starring: Herlín Navarro, Kevin O. Peterson, Jack Shipley
Cinematography by: Oleg Bolotov
Produced by: Jim DanDee
Format: 16mm Kodak TRI-X Black & White Reversal Film 7266
Release: 2017

BLOOD HIGHWAY is an action/horror short film in the tradition of classic 70s grindhouse cinema, following Ashley (Herlín Navarro) and Leon (Kevin O. Peterson) — two bikers hell-bent on revenge against the serial killer Richardson (Jack Shipley) after a deal goes sour, only to discover that he is hiding a terrifying undead secret in his house.

An intentional throwback to old-school, practical filmmaking and in-camera effects, BLOOD HIGHWAY was filmed primarily on purpose-built sets at The Space Studio, and features special effects and makeup from Scott C. Miller. Composer Clark Rhee (DREAMERS) returns with a dark, synth-heavy score. BLOOD HIGHWAY will screen on 16mm prints where available.

Poster art by Meagan Dwyer.